How does it work?

You can book one session. Or you might want to book a program/package for 3 or 10 hours. It is up to you to use these hours wisely, and hopefully in line with my suggestions. We can also work together more intensely for 2–4 hours in the beginning or from time to time, if needed. It depends on how fast you want to progress, what the situation is like at the moment, and how strong your commitment to yourself and your own process is.

How long does it take to change?

Well, that is impossible to answer. It depends on whether you are working with yourself only, or if you have a partner and maybe other people around you who need a change as well. It depends on how “deep” the problem is. But it also depends on how much time and effort you spend on working on yourself between the sessions. The number of sessions can vary between 1 and 40. It is up to you.

I think it is good if we meet once a week in the beginning – unless the situation is acute and you need to meet more often. After that we can meet every other week and then more and more seldom until you feel ready to fly…

I use different methods

Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching focuses on the “here and now” and the coach facilitates for you to reach your goals. The coach does not give advice but can come up with suggestions and challenges, and encourage you to stretch yourself beyond your thinking habits.

Sometimes coaching is enough. And sometimes, when stuck in emotions and restricting beliefs from the past, another tool, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), is advised to set you free and become able to move on in life. On other occasions communication tools may be needed to communicate in a more constructive way. And sometimes, for inner change to occur, we need to understand how we function as human beings and how the body, soul, emotions and intellect interact with each other. Then I will act as your teacher. So depending on where you are in life and what your needs are, I use:

  • Coaching to get you to recognize and reach your goals.
  • EFT for stress reduction, reducing emotional pain, dissolving limiting beliefs, phobias, trauma, PTSD, different forms of addiction and more.
  • NVC/Nonviolent Communication to communicate more clearly, with emphathy and compassion, and to express your feelings and needs in a way that increases your chance of getting yours needs met.
  • Psychosynthesis, to get a better understanding of how the body, soul, emotions and intellect interact with each other.
  • Forgiveness work


If you have an urgent need to talk to someone, here is the answer. You will get an appointment as soon as possible, even over the weekend. Just remember that I do not work at night, and then keep in mind that I am in another time zone, in Sweden, where I currently reside. That is why I want to be contacted via email and not via phone.

Booking & Payment

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