About me

With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, Personnel Development and Educational Planning, I am working as a professional coach, therapist and educator. I currently reside in Sweden but want to help you wherever you are in the world. This is an online opportunity for you to get support and for me to be able to help.

In me you will find a compassionate and resourceful Social Services Professional with 25+ years of experience, specializing in social work, coaching, community services, therapy, and training facilitation. Committed to providing support to individuals, families, groups, and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being.

I have worked with refugees and in multicultural environments. I have been a foster caregiver, facilitated speech training for stroke patients and been an instructor within First Aid/CPR and Psychological First Aid. As an entrepreneur, I have had an opportunity to help those dealing with violence, addictions, and criminal records to accept their past and move forward in their lives. I have been instrumental in assisting couples identify issues and guiding them to mend their relationships.

As you might understand now, I am passionate about making positive changes in the lives of others, which has driven me to pursue my own business as a life & relationship coach for over 10+ years in Sweden.

Since nowadays we are able to work online anywhere in the world, I am now taking a step to go international. I want to reach people who need help with life issues or their relationships but for some reason cannot make it to a coach/counselor/therapist.

You are very welcome to schedule a time with me. I will feel very honored to meet you and I will support you 100 percent on your journey towards fulfilling your goals.

Gunilla Alexandra Wigertz

Reference from my coach/trainer, 2008:

“Gunilla Wigertz is a wonderful coach who has my full support. Why? I have heard Gunilla coach on several occasions and I have formed my opinion based on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies used in these sessions. In my opinion Gunilla is an ambitious and strong coach. She is also a calm, intuitive and loving coach who is very trustworthy and sympathetic. With clients she is naturally grounded, listens well and is very creative in finding approaches and solutions that will support the client.”

Coach Trainer Gunilla Lundqvist, Stockholm


Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development, Personnel Development & Educational Planning, 2000


  • Facilitator, Spa for the Soul
  • Practitioner, EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Instructor, Psychological First Aid
  • Instructor, First Aid & CPR
  • Life Coach
  • Facilitator, Retreat & Meditation
  • Instructor, Drug/Violence/Bullying Prevention

Contact information

Gunilla Alexandra Wigertz
Kneippgatan 34
603 36  Norrköping